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m.a.p. interiors is a residential and commercial interior design firm that offers a wide range of design services throughout Southern California. We cover the Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego region.

Modern. Artistic. Playful. These words define the essence of our design style. We believe interior design is an art form that involves all the senses. Your environment and the way you perceive it affects you subconsciously. We specialize in translating those experiences and perceptions into a design that expresses you as an individual.

m.a.p. interiors aims to create a personal, collected space that has developed over time. We strive to blend diverse world cultures with an array of design styles. Our signature has an international, eclectic approach that provides a vibrant and timeless atmosphere. In addition, our integrated design will reflect the spirit of the times in which we live today.
Sylvia R. Beez


Principal and Designer

Sylvia moved to California in 1996. She acquired a Master’s degree in Psychology and Ethnology from the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Her work as a psychologist in different clinics and private companies provided her with invaluable insights and experiences with clients. Feeling the lack of creativity in her profession, she decided to train as an art-therapist at the Institute of Client-Centered Art-Therapy in Heidelberg, Germany. She continued to work in her own practice both as a psychotherapist and art-therapist.
Because of her lifelong interest and creative passion for art, architecture, and design, Sylvia furthermore attended UCLA’s Professional Designation Program in Interior Design. m.a.p. interiors inc. became an incorporation in the early year 2004. The company’s designs reflect an international perspective on how to live in style and comfort in today’s world.
Sylvia considers herself a globe-trotting designer. With the benefit of speaking six languages fluently, her love of travelling has exposed her to many different countries around the world. These life experiences are reflected in her design that is a mixture of unique architectural styles and interiors.
Sylvia’s background in Psychology and her passion for world cultures and design allow her to focus on the relationship between the environment and human psyche.
Sylvia R. Beez



A native of Los Angeles, Evette was first educated at the University of California, Berkeley. She began her professional career as a social worker. Her strong desire to make life better and easier for others led her into counseling for social service agencies and anti-drug units. Additionally, she worked as an advocate for foster children and has assisted in the construction of several Habitat for Humanity homes.

Overwhelmed by the bureaucracy of the social services system, Evette furthermore attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Upon graduating, she worked as an assistant buyer and manager at a major department store. She eventually left retail to begin a career at an aerospace company. After years of planning, coordinating, training, and directing within this environment, she recognized the need to get in touch with her creativity.

Possessing an innate desire to create a functional environment, she established Agape by Design, a design consultant firm chartered to guide the client through economically simplistic design concepts/approaches that result in more comfortable living spaces. Recognizing the need for a formal education in this area, she attended UCLA’s Professional Designation Program in Interior Design.

Exhibiting good communication skills, Evette’s approach is one of collaboration. She brings outstanding customer service to m.a.p. interiors.
Sylvia R. Beez


Project Manager

“East meets West” is probably the best description for Natalis. As a native Chinese brought up in Hong Kong under the British rules, Natalis is fascinated by the diverse cultures and lifestyles the world offers. To satisfy his curiosity about how people live in different parts of the world, he moved from Hong Kong to live in Germany, Japan and the United States with his footprints all over America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
With great enthusiasm to greet the world, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management in Hong Kong Polytechnic University and spent the early years of his career in the hotel industry that later on drew the perfectionist out of him. With the vision of a harmonious world where everyone has a job to afford the lifestyle (s)he wants, Natalis made a career change to work in the field of human services to help people find jobs while he pursued his Master’s Degree in Business Management. In 2002, he graduated with an MBA from University of California, Irvine. Since then, Natalis has been serving as a member of California Award for Performance Excellence Board of Examiners to help organizations build capacity and achieve performance excellence by applying the seven quality standards of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.
His insights on these seven quality standards ranging from Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer & Market Focus, Human Resource Development & Management, Information & Analysis, Process Management, and Business Results help build the foundation of the project management system of m.a.p. interiors. 
Sylvia R. Beez


Marketing Manager

Wolfgang was originally raised and educated in Germany before he came to California in 1996. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on design and production technology from the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden. In California, he held different senior management positions in the fields of manufacturing, engineering and quality control.
In 2001 Wolfgang graduated with an Executive MBA from the University of California, Irvine, with a focus on global business, marketing and strategy. After graduation, he moved into further executive management positions, concentrating on international sales, marketing and business development.

Wolfgang enriches m.a.p. interiors with a wide-ranging management and marketing experience as well as profound international business knowledge. 
Sylvia R. Beez


Company Charm

Sweetest Dachshund on Earth.
We incorporate Louie’s energetic and playful mood into our design.